Fabulous Transformation
Self­‐help book

Electronic self­‐help book “Fabulous Transformation”. Magical and wonderful way to look at life. This book is a guide, a fairy tale. It contains fabulous techniques to harmonize your inner world. The exercises found in this book work for people of any age, you can even do them with your kids.

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Every one of us receives a set of programs, or settings, that are reflected in the plots of fairy tales. This is why children are fed fairy tales all the time. Upon receiving these settings, people start turning the fairy tale plots into reality – someone is playing a Princess, someone else – a fairy or a Cinderella, and someone gets the role of a jealous and unhappy sister. Or, even, the role of a faceless decoration with a far‐from‐ideal life around it. Is it possible to change the plot and choose a different setting, a different role – the one that will resonate with you more and will reflect your true self? Yes! This is exactly what the 21‐step program of “Fabulous Transformation” is for.

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